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Through years of art innovation in Saudi Arabia, Athr Art has emerged as a leading contemporary art firm in the Kingdom. Founded in 2009 with a vision to be at the forefront of the arts industry, Athr Art has become synonymous with promoting and cultivating the art scene in Saudi Arabia and the wider region.
With a passion for supporting artists and promoting contemporary art, Athr Art has enjoyed tremendous success in the industry. Their innovative approach to art and commitment to education has helped to cultivate a greater appreciation for the arts in the Kingdom. As a result of their achievements, Athr Art has now embarked on a new chapter in their journey, with the establishment of the Athr Foundation.
The Athr Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the arts and support artists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through various initiatives and programs, the foundation seeks to nurture and develop the talents of artists, while also fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the arts among the wider public.
As a leading force in the arts industry, Athr Art's commitment to the arts and their innovative approach to contemporary art has helped to reshape the cultural landscape of Saudi Arabia. With the establishment of the Athr Foundation, they are poised to continue their mission to promote the arts and support artists in the Kingdom for many years to come.
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