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Rubat Alkhunji, a philanthropic UNESCO World Heritage asset in the heart of Jeddah Historic district. As the word ”Rubat” in Arabic referred to spaces supporting those in need. Rubat Alkhunji was built by Shaikh Mahmoud Kassim Alkhunji in 1882 to provide free accommodation and housing facilities to those in need.


At the heart of ATHR FOUNDATION's mission, lies a passion for creativity and innovation. By providing a platform for artists, designers, and cultural practitioners to showcase their work. Through its inclusive programs and initiatives, ATHR FOUNDATION encourages an impactful approach to community engagement, instilling a sense of pride and ownership in the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

ATHR FOUNDATION takes pride in leading the efforts of positioning Rubat Alkhunji as a cultural hub in Albalad offering the creative community a dynamic public programming concept that celebrates the rich history of Rubat Alkhunji while highlighting its significance in today's arts and cultural landscape. The foundation relied on the best global practices concerning the preservation and development of urban heritage into sustainable cultural centers that serve artists, creators, and local communities. Rubat Alkhunji will host the headquarters of ATHR FOUNDATION where its journey of supporting creativity and empowering artists begins.


Curated cultural public programs & events

Commercial creative spaces

Shared coworking spaces and artist studios

Curated culinary experience

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